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The Higo Garden

It was planted in BESNATE in the 1950's and was originally like an orchard until the first Camellias were introduced. Rare samples were then collected and planted, later, towards the eighties, it came to have a decisive preference for Higo varieties. Studying and collecting these Camellias, we ended up in Japan, their homeland, after useless and expensive attempts to research or obtain information in Europe. This happened because Western literature introduced this flower superficially and hastily, including it in a particular specialised group: consequently the very few flower companies that carry the Higo varieties have always considered this flower very difficult and they produced and sold it to only a limited number of customers. Collecting information over through the years, thanks to Japanese friends, became more and more important so I eventually decided to fly over to meet my friends and share my enthusiasm and needs with them. When I reached Kumamoto, I was treated like a royalty and my visit to find out more about the Higo flower was broadcasted throughout Japan. People were astonished at seeing a European really interested in history and tradition of one of the oldest peoples in the world, a people whose youth is totally indifferent to its noble past and are only interested in their futuristic world. My desire to make these flowers known in Europe, introducing a great variety of plants, gave me the access to the most exclusive collections in the country which contained some unique samples. I was especially helped by the descendants of the Samurais who were extremely helpful and full of suggestions. I was the only Italian to be received into the Higo Camellia Society and I was helped in completing my collections of all the existing varieties so that I could arrange its reproduce and promote them. My interest in these plants and all the news and formation collected inspired me to write and edit a book whose goal is, like the garden, to present a flower which goes beyond its purely aesthetic aspect in order to communicate other messages.

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